November 5, 2003

Storyboarded and Written by
Paul Rudish and Charlie Bean

Directed by
Randy Myers and Genndy Tartakovsky
Samurai Jack / Miner #2
Miner #1 / Hiker
Master Ning / Brother Shu / Townsperson
Samurai Jack's Mother
 Phil LaMarr
 Jeff Glen Bennett
 Tom Kenny
 Sab Shimono
 Lauren Tom

Aku, sick with a cold, literally infects Jack with his evil after a brief fight in the mountains. Possessed, Jack desecrates the temple of a group of reptilian monks. The monks subdue Jack and help him cure his illness.







As Jack battles the infection, his father reminds him of the good Jack has done during his journey and a brief montage shows characters from previous episodes:
- Robin Hood and Jack's African Master from Episode I
- The canine excavators from Episode II and Episode III
- The Woolies from Episode IV
- The analyst from Episode V
- The Triceraquins from Episode IX
- The Viking Warrior from Episode X
- The Scotsman
- Monkey Boy and his tribe from Episode XIV
- The fairy from Episode XV
- The scientist from Episode XVIII
- A villager from Episode XIX
- King Brotok from Episode XXV
- The innkeeper, his daughter Olivia and other children from Episode XXVIII
- The creature from Episode XXXIII

Jeremy's Review

A good episode with an interesting premise. Jack's gradual transformation as the sickness spreads is pretty unsettling. I can't help but wonder what happened to the hiker after Jack literally left him hanging. B+