November 22, 2002

Storyboarded and Written by
Bryan Andrews and Brian Larsen

Directed by
Chris Savino and Genndy Tartakovsky
Samurai Jack / Soldier
Lil Kid / Tall Kid
Young Samurai Jack
 Phil LaMarr
 Bobby Edner
 Jonathan Osser
 Peter Renaday

Aku frees the minions of Set from the ruins of an Egyptian temple and asks them to kill Jack in return. Recalling a prophecy he stumbled upon in the temple during his education in Egypt, Jack deciphers clues scattered among the ruins to find a way to vanquish the monstrous trio once and for all.







The scarab summons Ra, the Egyptian sun god, to defeat the minions of Set

Jeremy's Review

A fast-paced episode where Jack unfortunately does more running than fighting though it's refreshing to see Jack use more brains than brawn this time around to defeat the nigh-unstoppable monsters. It's a solid but somewhat forgettable episode. B