October 18, 2002

Storyboarded and Written by
Chris Reccardi and Aaron Springer

Directed by
Robert Alvarez and and Genndy Tartakovsky
Samurai Jack / Man B / Vendor
Man A / Man / 2nd Man / 1st Crowd Member
Caccitore / Customer / Worm Handler
Old Man / Wizard / The Man / Crowd Member
 Phil LaMarr
 Jeff Glen Bennett
 Bob Joles
 Billy West

After accidentally offending a cranky wizard, Jack is transformed into a chicken. Captured by a seedy gambling fat man, Jack is forced to fight fearsome creatures in underground gambling dens.







One of the bystanders in the first scene resembles SpongeBob SquarePants

Jeremy's Review

An episode that seamlessly blends humor and action. As the creatures he face become more outlandish, Chicken Jack's fights become more amusing. Despite the episode's strengths, the ending is somewhat of a let down, the ultimate payoff being a rather weak joke. B+