March 15, 2002

Storyboarded and Written by
Chris Reccardi

Directed by
Randy Myers and Genndy Tartakovsky
Samurai Jack / Aqualizer / Slave #1
Ringmaster / Lil Aqualizer / Slave #2
Slave Driver / Slave #3 / Slave #4
Gordo / Sumoto / Ganeesh
 Phil LaMarr
 Jeff Glen Bennett
 Richard McGonagle
 Kevin Michael Richardson

Captured by slave driving robots while taking a nap in the woods, Jack is forced to fight for the amusement of a bloodthirsty audience in the Dome of Doom. After single-handedly defeating every champion the dome has to offer, Jack frees the captured slaves.







The design of the Ringmaster is inspired by Dr. Dealgood from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome while the Dome
of Doom is based on the arena from the film

Lil Aqualizer's pleas of "Help me!" reference The Fly starring David Hedison

Mr. Roboto is named after the song "Mr. Roboto" by Styx

Jeremy's Review

It's a no-nonsense gladiator arena episode featuring many great fights. The designs for the warriors are pretty good and the action is stylish and well-executed. B+