September 3, 2001

Storyboarded and Written by
Reccardi and Charlie Bean

Directed by
Rob Renzetti and Genndy Tartakovsky
Samurai Jack
Fisherman / Connery
Guiness / Other Fisherman
Ringo / Waitress

 Phil LaMarr
 Jeff Glen Bennett
 Mark Hamill
 Jess Harnell

Jack visits Oceanus, home of an amphibious race called the Triceraquins, believing they possess a time machine. Unfortunately, the Triceraquins struck a deal with Aku to capture Jack. When Aku refuses to honor the bargain, the Triceraquins free Jack and together they drive Aku away from the underwater kingdom.






The names and voices of the three lead Triceraquins are based on Alec Guinness, Ringo Starr and Sean Connery

The line "Don't be afraid, little one" spoken by Guiness is similar to Alec Guinness' dialogue as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" is a famous line from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

During his battle with the Triceraquins, Aku takes on the forms of several undersea predators:
- Killer Algae
- Stingray
- Octopus

The Triceraquin army fights with a variety of fish-themed weaponry

Jeremy's Review

The undersea designs in this episode are creative but the action is mostly lacking despite the battle with Aku during the second half. Overall, this episode is pretty forgettable. C