August 20, 2001

Storyboarded and Written by
Mark Andrews and Bryan Andrews

Directed by
Genndy Tartakovsky
Samurai Jack / Patron / Alien #2
General / Alien #3
Grand Master
Well / Lil Guy / Alien #1

 Phil LaMarr
 Joe Alaskey
 Clyde Kusatsu
 Kevin Michael Richardson

Three blind archers stand between Jack and a powerful wishing well atop a tower. Jack adapts to the awesome skill of the archers to reach the well. However, Jack destroys the well after learning of its evil nature from the archers, freed of their curse.






The design of the cursed archers is partially inspired by the Three Blind Mice nursery rhyme

For guidance against his current highly skilled opponents, Jack flashes back to his Shaolin training days when he was under the tutelage of the Grand Master

Jeremy's Review

There's some truly sublime animation throughout this episode, notably the sequence featuring Jack gradually adapting his skills to match those of the archers. This is one of the best episodes from the first year of the series. A+